Johan Kriek’s Mission

Florida Tennis Academy for Junior Tennis stars coached by Johan KriekJohan Kriek Tennis Academy is dedicated to a modern game mentality, recognizing that upcoming tennis stars today and in the future have needs for training and motivation that are changing every year, and need to be individualized for each student. We know students are motivated by a diverse skill-set, both on and off the tennis courts. We understand today’s world outside tennis and how it affects our students, the challenges they face, not only as players but also as young adults, plus the safety their families demand for a life dedicated to the development of their child are what makes the Johan Kriek Tennis Academy different than other tennis training institutes.

Our coaches have the ability to understand cultural issues and psychological barriers many of our international students face, and these issues are part of our training program. The greatest stars on the courts have great technique, but they also have a winning attitude and a sense of safety gained from their mentors.

We are more than tennis coaches. We are life coaches. And our students and their talent grow into success from a multi-faceted program of support.